Life Journey Groups students

* Literature Legend: BSFL = Bible Studies For Life, ETB = Explore The Bible, GP = Gospel Project, MW = MasterWork
Category Name Ages Time Room Leaders Literature
Students6th Grade Girls129:15 AMChapelAngela Jackson, Carla Harper
Students6th Grade Boys129:15 AMChapelAdam Smith, Baron Edwards
Students7th Grade Girls139:15 AMChapelMelissa Baughman, Stephanie Nichols
Students7th Grade Boys139:15 AMChapelJimmy Jackson, Ted VanHoy
Students8th Grade Girls149:15 AMChapelKristi VanHoy, Lindsey Swan
Students8th Grade Boys149:15 AMChapelEdwin De La Cruz, Les Nichols
Students8th-12th Grade-Boys and Girls14-1810:45 AM364Richard Parker, Rob Kimble
Students10th Grade Boys & Girls15-169:15 AM362Doug Sullivan, Kristi Sullivan, Matt Sides, Patience Quinn
Students9th Grade Boys & Girls15-169:15 AM364Dominic McKinley, Kelly McKinley, Annaliese Lawrence
Students11th & 12th Grade Boys17-189:15 AM363Joey Myers, Brian North, Joe Evans
Students11th & 12th Grade Girls17-189:15 AM363Diane Myers, Suzie North, Courtney Evans