Assoc. Pastor of Preschool & Children:
Arvil Pennington


Since parents have the primary responsibility of teaching and living the Christian faith for their children, we believe in Family Worship.

Children in Grades 1-5 attend the worship service with parents. Children receive a Children’s Bulletin on which they may contribute Art to be printed on the cover. Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Family says that “If a child sees that worship is important to their parents, it will become important to him/her” Our pastor, Dr. Joe says, “Children may not catch all that is said in the sermon, most adults don’t, but in the worship service they can learn they are important and they belong”.

There are many times when children participate in the service. Bibles are presented in the service each year to new first graders. Children frequently sing in the service. We provide resources to help parents guide and involve their child in the corporate worship experience.