Assoc. Pastor of Preschool & Children:
Arvil Pennington

ET - Extended Teaching (Sundays 10:45 a.m.)

What is Extended Teaching (ET) and how can I help?
This tremendous ministry to preschoolers (Babies & Kindergarten) takes place every Sunday during 10:45 worship hour. The 9:15 (first hour) is already staffed by faithful, permanent teachers who serve every Sunday. In ET, we are “extending” the Bible teaching from the first hour into the 10:45 (second hour). Many children are only present during the 10:45 and this may be their only  Bible learning time on Sunday.

ET requires about 40 adult and youth volunteers each Sunday in thirteen different classes. This requires about 160 or 200 volunteers based on four or five Sundays per month. Due to the large number of volunteers needed it has been a long-standing Lawndale Baptist Church policy that parents who have children in ET are required to serve once a month. Christian parents whose own children benefit from the teaching in ET can be a blessing to other children through this ministry. Dads are especially needed. Volunteers serve once a month, on the same Sunday, in the same classroom, with the same volunteers. Over time, you build a Christ-like relationship with the precious little ones and others in the church.

The preschoolers are counting on us to be responsible in our service to them and to God. Jesus said, “let the children come to me.” We know they will never come to Him unless adults are willing to teach them. In ET, you have a wonderful opportunity to minister to a great class of young boys and girls showing them the love of Jesus.

Many single adults and older adults, who have a heart for children, enjoy their time in ET. Thank you parents for being responsible in this important area of ministry. Service is the highest calling for a Christian.  “…children are a gift from God.” Psalm 127:3

It is Lawndale Baptist Church’s policy to conduct background checks on anyone who serves with children in any capacity.

If you have any questions, please contact our ET Coordinator, Emily Seabolt ( or Arvil Pennington, Associate Pastor for Preschool and Children’s Ministries (