Married Adults

Assoc. Pastor of Married Adults:
Rodney Navey

Upcoming Events / Announcements    

Summer is often the time families take a break and go on vacation. School is out and schedules seem a little more flexible. Whether it’s this summer or later in the fall, commit some time away with your family. It’s a chance to focus on your relationship with God and each other. GO ON VACATION! You need it, and your family needs it.

And make sure you have some fun and laugh together. Jared Wilson writes, “We need to take having fun seriously. This means remembering to do it, for one thing! It means not thinking of rest, play, or fun as beneath us. But it also means being mindful in our rest, play, and fun that these things are gifts from God . . .” (The Story of Everything).

Marriage Conference - Families need to have fun together but so do couples. That’s why we are offering our next Marriage Conference on this topic, “Learning How To Have Fun Together” Oct 21-22. You can register online  Come learn with us why oneness is important, how to achieve it, and some practical ways to enjoy life together.

LifePlus Fall Kickoff - Even though we take the summer off from LifePlus (Sunday evening discipleship classes), our Fall Kickoff will be Sunday, September 18 at 5pm. Classes will begin September 25; most will last only 6 weeks. Make a commitment now to be involved.

Family Toolbox - If you and your family have not worked through our 10 Commandments Toolbox for Families, you still can pick up a copy by contacting the church office. In the fall, we will be releasing the next edition, The Model Prayer Toolbox for Families.