Married Adults

Assoc. Pastor of Married Adults:
Rodney Navey

Upcoming Events / Announcements    

Marriage Preparation Class
The next class begins Wednesday, Sept. 14. We will meet 7 consecutive weeks from 6:30-7:30pm in room 263. The class is designed to help couples who are thinking about marriage or who are planning on marriage. Topics covered include: communication, finances, personality, birth order, etc. Couples learn to see marriage through the lens of the Gospel. Contact Megan to register.
Fall Kickoff for LifePlus - (Sunday evening discipleship classes)
Fall Kickoff is on Sept. 18 at 5pm. The theme for this semester is "Growing in Godliness." Classes begin Sept. 25; most will last only 6 weeks. Make a commitment now to be involved.
Family Toolbox Series
The next installment for the Family Toolbox Series will be available in Sept. It's called "The Model Prayer: A Family Adventure in Spiritual Growth." Parents will notice significantly more background
information. You can start now working on your memorization.
Parents of 1st Graders
Parents of 1st graders are invited to a class designed to help you train your child to know God, love Him and read His Word on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 9:15am on the CLC stage.
Parent/Child Dedication Service
Parents participating in the Parent/Child Dedication Service on Oct. 23 will meet on the CLC stage at 9:15am. We will look at the biblical vision of parenting and what God expects of you as you make commitments to Him.

Fall Marriage Conference
Have you signed up for our next Marriage Conference, Oct. 21-22, "Learning How To Have Fun Together?" Register  here, now! Come learn with us why oneness is important, how to achieve it, and some practical ways to enjoy life together.