Married Adults

Assoc. Pastor of Married Adults:
Rodney Navey

Upcoming Events / Announcements    

Family Devotionals
We recommend family devotionals as part of the bedtime routine for parents with preschoolers and children. Oftentimes schedules get a little more difficult as children hit the teenage years, so most may have to drop it back to once per week. Family devotionals should be brief, biblical, and relational. Some great resources exist to help including our own Family Toolbox. A simple format would include: 1) Read Scripture, 2) Discuss what you read, 3) Pray Together.
Why? 1) Parents are charged with teaching their children biblical truth, 2) Prayer is essential in developing our relationship with God, 3) Conversation together builds our relationship as a family.

Marriage Preparation Class
Couples considering marriage, planning on marriage, or recently married are invited to attend our Marriage Preparation Class. The course is for 7 weeks and will meet on Wed from 6:30pm-7:30pm beginning Aug 26. Please call the church office to register or email Rodney.
War Room Movie Release - Friday, August 28
All our groups and families are encouraged to go see the newest movie War Room produced by Sherwood Church. Their previous endeavor Courageous was one of the best movies ever. War Room is sure to speak to the Christian community in a powerful way. The movie focuses on the power of prayer; our nation, families, and church need prayer now like never before.