Married Adults

Assoc. Pastor of Married Adults:
Rodney Navey

Upcoming Events / Announcements    

Mother’s Day (May 8) and Father’s Day (June 19) are good opportunities to teach children about honor. The Old Testament
(Ex 20:12) and the New Testament (Eph 6:1-3) communicate God’s assignment to make this happen. It’s so important that God made it one of the 10 Commandments.

How can you take advantage of these special days? Parents who honor their own parents set a godly example for their children. Dads should also help the children in honoring their mother, and moms should help the kids do the same for dad. God expects it to be a daily practice, but use special opportunities to emphasize God’s design.

Fathers and Mothers of 8th Graders are encouraged to attend “The Roads to Responsibility” session on May 22 at 9:15am on the CLC stage. Eighth graders are moving into a new stage of life with high school and many choices ahead of them (dating, media usage, driving, jobs, etc). We’ll be discussing how you as a parent can guide your child through these years.

Fathers and Mothers of 5th Graders – Have you planned your Passage Trip? Don’t underestimate the impact of spending time and having discussions with your kids before they hit middle school.

Fathers and Mothers of HS Seniors – Have you planned your Rite of Passage Ceremony? You are responsible to call your children into adulthood. We look forward to hearing your reports.

All Parents—Please take advantage of “The Family Toolbox Series” edition of the 10 Commandments. Even if you don’t use the tools, make sure you help your kids memorize the 10 Commandments this year.

Homeschool Conference: The annual North Carolina Home Educators (NCHE) Conference is June 2-4. Parents of preschoolers may attend free. You can register at