Student Ministries Associate
Brandon Walls

Upcoming Events / Announcements

Fusion Auditions:  The Student Ministry will be holding Fusion band auditions on September 11 from 1-3pm in the Chapel. There are applications available in the Chapel to be filled out and returned to Brandon. The applications will be due the Wednesday before auditions, September 7.

Fusion: Meets Wednesdays at 6:30pm in the Chapel.

Our teens enjoy live worship, amusing games, hilarious skits, and a message that meets you where you are!  All 6th through 12th grade students are invited to participate.  Friends are welcome too!

411(411 has ended for the Summer. We will resume on September 11). 411 meets on Sunday nights at 6:15pm.  Middle School meets in Room 263 and High School meets in the Chapel.

Do you ever wonder why you believe what you do?  How will YOU respond when YOUR faith is challenged?  411 provides rock-solid reasons to believe and a biblical blueprint for living out those beliefs in relationships with others.  Come experience 411, where faith meets life!


A 2016-2017 notarized medical form is required for some events.  Please download here.