Student Ministries Associate
Brandon Walls

Student Life Journey Groups

This is our Sunday morning Bible Study. Students meet together in large department groups and then split up by grade and gender for small group discussions. 

Sundays 9:15 a.m.

6th Grade Boys: Chapel
Teachers: Brandon Walls, Baron Edwards

6th Grade Girls:  Chapel
Teachers:  Angela Jackson, Carla Harper

7th Grade Boys:  Chapel
Teachers: Ted Vanhoy, Jimmy Jackson
7th Grade Girls:  Chapel
Teachers: Melissa Baughman, Stephanie Nichols

8th Grade Boys:  Chapel
Teacher: Edwin De La Cruz, Les Nichols

8th Grade Girls:  Chapel
Teachers:  Kristi VanHoy, Lindsey Swan

9th Grade Boys & Girls:  Room 364
Teachers:  Dominic McKinley, Kelly McKinley, Annaliese Lawrence

10th Grade Boys & Girls:  Room 362
    Teachers:  Doug Sullivan, Kristi Sullivan, Matt Sides, Patience Quinn

11th & 12th Grade Boys:   Room 363
Teachers: Joey Myers, Brian North, Joe Evans

11th & 12th Grade Girls:   Room 363
   Teachers:  Diane Myers, Suzie North, Courtney Evans

Sundays 10:45 a.m.

8th -12th Grade Boys & Girls:  Room 364
   Teachers:  Richard Parker, Rob Kimble