Technical Ministries

Coordinator: Scott Toth


The Technical Ministry at Lawndale is always striving to improve the worship experience of our congregation.  We have recently implemented an IMAG system that brings live video to our worshippers during the Sunday services.  The system is a work in progress and pieces are continually being upgraded and improved, but skilled technicians are always needed both to operate the system and to help in its improvement.

If you have any experience in videography, or even have a basic understanding of framing shots, you may be interested in becoming a camera operator.  Camera Operators volunteer on a predefined schedule that is flexible based on your needs.

The IMAG mixer/director position requires a good eye and quick thinking.  Usually, the mixer will communicate with the camera operators to setup shots (also acting as director) and then will decide when to show certain shots.  He/she is also responsible for keying the words over the video feed during the congregational sinigng.  Like the carmera operators, the mixer also volunteers on a predefined and flexible schedule.

Those interested in volunteering for this ministry can expect to be thoroughly trained in the use of Lawdale's equipment and technique preferences prior to his or her first "live" service.  It is also recommended that volunteers apprentice alongside more experienced operators for a period of time before beginning operation.

If you're interested in volunteering for either of these positions, please contact Dr. Scott Toth, Technical Director.