Coordinator: P.J. Giaritelli

Bible Studies

WWW Weekly Word for Women
WWW is taught by Phyllis PostmaThis December, we begin our new study "King David - the Full Story."  The book of Ruth ended with the name of David (Ruth 4:22), and I Samuel tells the story of David's successful preparation for reigning on the throne of Israel.  Let's begin with I Samuel and see where this exciting story leads.

As always, WWW is for women of all ages, from 9:00am-10:00am, every Wednesday in the Worship Center and can be attended at anytime throughout the year. Please feel free to join us when you can!We hope you'll enjoy learning how to live our faith each day. Through the study of God's Word and prayer, we are promised that we can renew our minds and be transformed in order to know what God's will is for us.

Precept Bible Study
Tuesday, January 20th - 10:00am - Room 263
A new 10-week Precept Bible Study will begin on the Book of Ephesians.  Cost of the workbook is $22.50. Contact
Marjorie Martin, leader, at 336-282-2739 or the church office to register.
What is a Precept Bible Study?
These studies are written by Kay Arthur, Kay Arthur Ministries in Chattanooga, TN.  They are inductive studies, meaning you learn how to study the Bible on your own, rather than listening to someone else.  This is not just another Bible study.  It is an in-depth study and there is homework.  In class, we discuss what everyone has learned for that week.  After a short break, we see a video in which Kay Arthur brings everything in the lesson together, to help us understand.  I invite you to come try it.  You will be so blessed and learn more than you ever thought possible.