Coordinator: P.J. Giaritelli

Beyond Words Book Club


Phyllis Postma recommends these Christian Historical Fiction:

Grace Livingston Hill (1865-1947) has long been a favoite of readers who enjoy Christian fiction.  Her books, generally set in the early 1900s, portray eternal truths in a way that readers of any age will enjoy. 
"The Prodigal Girl", -- a most fascinating story of children gone astray, and parents unaware.  Early 20th Century, but relating to the problems parents face today.  
"Marcia Schuyler" --  The Schuyler sisters could not have been more different.  Golden-haired flamboyant Kate lived for herself and the moment... chestnut-haired Marcia, the younger, was but a bud ready to bloom, a girl longing to love and taste life to the fullest.  Set in a time blessed with innocence, Marcia Schuyler, is a tale of two sisters inextricably linked by a marriage meant for one that would be the other's, and a tale of one man who must find himself before he can discover true love. 
"Phoebe Deane" --   Phoebe Deane lived for the past she could never recover, for the love of a home that would never be hers.  Bound since her mother's untimely death to live with her ineffectual half-brother Albert and his heartless wife Emmeline, Phoebe's life was one of never-ending chores...and the relentless pursuit of a churlish suitor.  All that was to change, however, in the space of one glorious, sun-dappled autumn day. 
"Miranda" -- Red-haired Miranda Griscom wanted only to love and to be loved but neither would come easily.  Raised by her stern and uncaring grandparents, spunky Miranda finds a real home with David and Marcia Spafford as their housekeeper.  Deep within Miranda's thoughts is her abiding love for Allan Whitney, accused murderer and town black sheep, who fled town--with Miranda's help--twelve years earlier.  Share Miranda's joys and sorrows and her irrepressible love of life and God.  You'll be literally "mesmerized".

Linda Hill also recommends these Christian Novels:

Author:  Francine Rivers

  • Her Mother's Hope (Marta)
  • Her Daughter's Dream
  • Redeeming Love
  • A Lineage Of Grace
  • A Voice In The Wind

Also suggested: 

  • The Outsider (Ann H Gabhart)
  • Nightmare Academy (Frank Peretti) 

The next two are books on spiritual warfare: 

  • The Visitation (Frank Peretti)
  • The Oath (Frank Peretti)

Books are available at your local Lifeway Christian Store, but some are available (mulitiple copies) for check out in our church library!

1)  Her Mother's Hope
     Francine Rivers
2)  Plain Paradise
     Beth Wiseman
3)  Here Burns My Candle
     Liz Curtis Higgs
4)  Take Three
     Karen Kingsbury
5)  Under the Cajun Moon
     Mindy Starnes Clark
6)  The Missing
     Beverly Lewis
7)  The Sanctuary
     David & Beverly Lewis
8)  Matthew's Story
     Tim LaHaye

1)  Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God
     Shelia Walsh
2)  So Long Insecurity
     Beth Moore
3)  Forgotten God
     Francis Chan
4)  Dug Down Deep
     Joshua Harris
5)  The Power of Surrender
     Michael Catt
6)  If God is Good
     Randy Alcorn