Coordinator: P.J. Giaritelli

Comfort Creations

The first Saturday of the month, 9:00 am in Room 215.
This ministry is designed to provide a tool of comfort for deacons to use in caring for their Deacon Family members during times of unusual circumstances. It was originally developed for the Deacons' wives of Lawndale Baptist Church to create, in prayer, handmade items of warmth and comfort for hurting members of our body. The gifts presented, such as knitted or crocheted shawls or blankets, serve as encouraging reminders to the recipients that they are surrounded by the prayer support and love of God and His people. Now open to include other women of the church who desire to use their gifts to prayerfully knit, crochet or stamp gift bags, Comfort Creations also makes baby blankets for our deacons to present to each new baby born into Lawndale Baptist Church.

If you would like more information, please call Beverly Watkins at 545-4465.