Coordinator: P.J. Giaritelli

Upcoming Events

Special Events Planning Team: P.J. Giaritelli, Teresa Hampson, Erica Long, Joyce Moore, Wendy Burchette, Kathy Walden, Karen Ellis, Becky Dolinger and Kelley Tuck.

Kalos Café
The next Kalos is scheduled for August.

Comfort Creations
1st Saturday each month, 9am-11am-Library (Conference Room - 215)
Join the crochet and knit ministry in our church. Contact Beverly Watkins at 336-545-4465 for more information.
Women on Mission Prayer Group
This prayer group meets each Monday from 9:30am- 11:00am in Room 217.

Alita Blackmon Mission Group - The Alita Blackmon group will conclude for the summer, then resume in September.

Women's Bible Studies
WWW Weekly Word for Women - Will not meet July 6.
Wednesdays 9am-10am in the Worship Center. New study: "Lessons From Jesus' Brothers." Taught by Phyllis Postma

Precept Bible Study
Tuesdays at 10:00am in Room 236
An in-depth Kay Arthur Precept Study of book of Hebrews, Part 2 followed by Part 3. Completion of Part 1 is not required to participate. Cost of the study guide is $20.25 for Part 2 and $13.50 for Part 3. Call Marjorie Martin at 282-2739 for more information.

  Area Conferences

New Women's Events for 2016!
Join us at a women's event in 2016 to be encouraged, inspired, and transformed. Bring a friend or fellow women's ministry leaders and volunteers to an event near you.

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